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Written by Corina Vogt, Director, Workforce Optimization & Staffing Services

It’s time to start thinking about vacation plans. Find vacation request deadlines for each collective agreement.

2019 vacation requests for Facilities and NBA employees 
First choice request October 12, 2018
Second choice request October 26, 2018 
Third choice request November 9, 2018 
All other choices  November 23, 2018 

2019 vacation requests for HSPBA and CBA employees 
First choice request November 30, 2018
Second choice request December 14, 2018
Third choice request December 28, 2018 
All other choices  January 11, 2019


Things to keep in mind

  • The first choice should be the most important and not necessarily the first date of the year
  • Each vacation choice will be approved based on seniority
  • Anyone who does not submit a choice by the deadline will not be able to use their seniority to obtain the preference at a later date
  • Once requests are approved, changes will be made only under extenuating circumstances considering operational needs
  • The vacation entitlement for employees is an estimate based on the hours worked July to December. Actual entitlement will be calculated in early July the following year.

For more scheduling information, please refer to the Employee Guide to Staff Scheduling page on FH Pulse.

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