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Visit fraserhealth.ca/heart for everything you need to educate your patients about heart health.

Do you work with patients in cardiac surgery, cardiac diagnostics, heart disease prevention or chronic heart disease management?

Our new heart health web resource at fraserhealth.ca/heart has everything you need to educate your patients on how to keep their heart healthy, how to understand their cardiac care procedures and recovery journey, and how to support a loved one with a heart condition. Plus, we have heart health web promotion business cards you can start offering to your cardiac patients today!

Empower your patients to learn more about their condition at home and find answers to their most pressing cardiac questions. Fraserhealth.ca/heart is fully mobile-enabled, delivering accurate information to your patients wherever they are.

Your patients can learn more about:

  • Types of heart disease and cardiac conditions
  • Preventing heart diseases through lifestyle changes
  • Cardiac diagnostic tests and how they work
  • Preparing for cardiac surgery and heart procedures
  • Pacemakers and other cardiac devices
  • Common cardiac medication questions
  • Life after a heart attack and living with heart disease
  • Finding support programs in the community
  • Rehabilitation and recovery tips
  • Healthy eating and exercise for good heart health
  • Coping with mental health issues related to heart disease
  • Follow up care and appointments
  • Resources for health care professionals
  • A directory of cardiac care providers

You can easily download and print our heart health web resource marketing materials, including posters, rack cards and business cards for your clinic or office to hand out to patients.

Please share fraserhealth.ca/heart with anyone you connect with who could benefit from this support.

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