Who can submit stories to The Beat?

Only Fraser Health employees, physicians and volunteers, including Lower Mainland Consolidated employees, may submit stories.

How do I submit my news and events?

Ensure you have consent from everyone mentioned in the story and a signed photo consent form for everyone in a photo you are submitting. Complete the online submission forms by Wednesday at noon for the Thursday e-newsletter: submit a news story or submit an event to the calendar. If you are having problems submitting via the online form, contact us at thebeat@fraserhealth.ca.

What happens when I submit my story or event?

Your article will be reviewed by the Communications team to ensure it is suitable for the newsletter and will be edited for clarity, style and length. Our goal is to post your item within one business day. Please ensure when you submit your story you are ready to have it published in that timeframe.

Your submission will automatically be included in Thursday’s The Beat e-newsletter. The e-newsletter summarizes the news submitted each week.

What kinds of news stories are published?

We publish stories that inform, inspire and engage our broad regional audience. Need help to determine if your submission fits?

Ask yourself:

  • What is my goal in publishing this information?
  • Does it have broad appeal to a general Fraser Health audience?
  • Is it new or a first in Fraser Health?
  • Why is it a success or improvement over what we had before?
  • Did you need to overcome a challenge to get there?
  • Who led the project (staff, physicians, patients) and presumably helped overcome the challenges?
  • Does it help people do their jobs better?
  • Would a more targeted communication to a specific group or team be more appropriate?

Remember! The Beat is just one internal communications channel.

Generally speaking, The Beat does not publish recaps of events, conferences, presentations or the achievement of advanced degrees/individual professional designations. Often times we can help find a better place for this information or help you find the deeper human story behind this news.

Please contact communications@fraserhealth.ca to discuss.

What kind of events are published?

Our events section posts information about events that have a direct connection with Fraser Health. While there are some exceptions to this, we do not generally post third-party content.

Not sure if your story is a fit for The Beat?

We’re happy to discuss your story idea with you before you write it. Please contact us at thebeat@fraserhealth.ca

What are some tips for writing a news story?

  • Know your audience. Who are you trying to reach? If it’s not a broad cross-section of Fraser Health employees – clinical and administrative, front line and Executive Directors, seniors and millennials – a different way to distribute the information will better reach your audience.
  • What’s in it for them? Put yourself in your busy reader’s shoes. What does your audience want and need to know? Skip everything else. Keep it short -- no more than 300 words. Write the minimum you need to get your point across. Then see if you can edit it down by half. Compelling feature stories with a human interest element may be longer.
  • Catchy headline and description. Your headline should be meaningful and memorable. The short description field is what appears in the e-mail sent out on Thursdays and is another chance to entice your reader to click to read more.
  • Include a great photo. If your picture has people in it, make sure you have a signed consent form. Respect copyright – take the picture yourself if possible.

What style guidelines should I follow when making submissions?

  • Spell out all names – Fraser Health (not FH) and all site names (Delta Hospital, not DH) – even in second use
  • Except for site names, spell out the first reference and put acronym in parentheses for second use
  • Spell out one to nine; use numerals for 10 and up
  • Avoid exclamation points (!)
  • Use ‘our’ spelling instead of ‘or’ (colour, not color)
  • See a more detailed Fraser Health style guide.

Who do I contact if I have questions about making a submission?

E-mail thebeat@fraserhealth.ca and one of the Fraser Health Communications team will get back to you.

Commenting guidelines

Commenting is meant to encourage an open discussion on a news story or topic. Adding a comment is your way to participate in the conversation: share your ideas and experiences, offer feedback, and recognize people within the organization. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you comment on a story:

All comments are moderated

Communications and Public Affairs is responsible for reviewing and publishing your comment if it meets these guidelines.

All comments need to be attributed

There are no anonymous comments. You may use your first name only, but a valid name and Fraser Health email must be used when commenting.

Please be respectful

If you disagree, offer constructive feedback in a polite and encouraging way. Refrain from profane, libelous, abusive, obscene, racist or otherwise hateful language. Communications and Public Affairs reserves the right to not publish your comment if it is inappropriate.

Respond to comments

The individual who submitted the story plays no role in moderating the comments but is responsible for checking and responding to comments as needed.